Experiential / 11.05.14 / Kimmy Favazza
UberLIVE! Case in Point

During summer 2014, Switch jumped at the opportunity to collaborate with Uber and Target on a time-sensitive, high-impact activation around Lollapalooza – but as with any activation, it came with challenges.

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Experiential / 11.05.14 / John Fowler
Connecting with Humans on a Human Level

The advantage of experiential marketing is that you can engage multiple senses simultaneously, creating an emotional interaction that has the power to win consumer loyalty on a human level.

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Culture / 11.05.14 / Switch
Switched On

On this week's Switched On, we're juggling multiple shows and getting lost in solo work.

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Culture / 10.29.14 / Switch
KQ Interview – Superstition Edition

Mr. Kevin Quigley, Executive Vice President of Switch™, has plenty of surprises up his sleeve. In his Switched On interview, we learned about black belt in Kenpo Karate, hobbies and inspirations. Today Kevin is willing to share another surprising fact.

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