Culture / 10.29.14 / Switch
KQ Interview – Superstition Edition

Mr. Kevin Quigley, Executive Vice President of Switch™, has plenty of surprises up his sleeve. In his Switched On interview, we learned about black belt in Kenpo Karate, hobbies and inspirations. Today Kevin is willing to share another surprising fact.

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Culture / 10.29.14 / Emily Wisely
Switched On & Spooked

In this Halloween edition of Switched On, we're sharing our favorite scary movies.

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How To, Meetings & Events / 10.22.14 / Joseph Farell
Staying On Budget for Your Event

From video production and lighting to stage equipment and content creation – how on earth is it possible to stay within the means of your event budget?

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Experiential, How To / 10.22.14 / Lori Peeples
Stand Out at Your Next Trade Show

In a sea of hopeful, boisterous vendors, how can your brand reel in prospective customers? Before you step into that furry mascot costume or plug in that PA system, read these pointers from one of our project managers.

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