Culture / 07.15.14 / Brendan Corcoran
Switched On with Brendan Corcoran

Senior Copywriter, Brendan Corcoran, is a team player to the core. When he isn’t empowering clients and Switch with his skillful writing abilities, he takes to the local music scene as front man of his band, Runoff.

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How To / 07.15.14 / John Nickel
Partnering with Procurement and Making it Work

In an industry where break-through creative is worth its weight in gold, price is often not the best way to make a decision. One of the major changes in the agency business in the past seven to 10 years has been the increased role of procurement departments.

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Experiential / 07.15.14 / Kimmy Favazza
Activating Over a Major Holiday Weekend

Program Manager, Kimmy Favazza, explains how you can leverage the widespread enthusiasm brought on by a major holiday for heightened activation success.

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Culture / 07.15.14 / Switch
Switched On

This week, we're digging live music, mystery, and marketing blogs.

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