How To / 05.20.15 / Michael McMahon
The Life of a Road Warrior

Michael McMahon is a seasoned "road warrior," having toured on multiple programs for our clients. It's an experience few people get to have – so Michael was happy to share his tips and tricks for making it on the road.

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Culture / 05.08.15 / Emily Wisely
A Conversation with Mike:
Small Business Week

In celebration of Small Business Week, we sat down with Switch’s CEO, Mike O’Neill, to hear about his experiences in entrepreneurship.

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Culture / 04.28.15 / Shelby White
The Art of S-l-o-w-i-n-g Down

Even with a career in graphic design, it can be challenging to find new ways to stretch your creativity and skills beyond the tools and processes used on a daily basis. In this post, one of our art directors explains how she is (literally) carving out new avenues of creative application in her free time.

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How To / 04.25.15 / Steve Kozel
Image Concept #3 – RGB vs. CMYK

"Red, white and blue" evokes a very specific color palette for Americans. It's Patriotism 101. But as it turns out, real-world application of color theory can be complex, especially among devices.

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